Point-to-pointing makes a significant contribution to National Hunt racing, and in recognition of this the HBLB has supported point-to-points through the payment of grants since 1974.

The total allocation of grants for the 2023/24 point-to-point season is £383,250.

Of the £383,250 awarded, £285,250 are fixture related grants which assist in both the maintenance of the course and the costs of safety and welfare arrangements at these fixtures. Additionally, through the Point-to-Point Authority (PPA), HBLB grants supports the development of the careers of horses and riders in preparation for Rules racing, in serving as an introduction to racing for owners and spectators and as a worthwhile second career option for horses that once raced under rules.

The remaining £98,000 has been awarded for non-fixture purposes. This includes the development of a new website, a new marketing strategy and training for raceday officials. 


Last Updated: 06 June 2023