Fixture Criteria

Fixture Criteria

The Fixture Criteria is reviewed annually and sets out which fixture slots will receive central funding from HBLB. Prize money funding and grants towards Raceday Services (regulation) will be provided for all fixtures within the criteria. Fixtures outside of the criteria are not eligible for any form of funding unless specific provision is made in the Criteria. 

The Fixture Criteria was relaxed when racing resumed in June 2020, to aid the recovery of the sport from the impacts of Covid-19. Therefore, from June 2020 to December 2022, HBLB provided some funding to all fixtures.

Fixture Criteria 2023

The following criteria below highlights how the criteria is operating in 2023.


(a) Up to three afternoon fixtures Monday to Friday, four on a Saturday and two on a Sunday to be Criteria.

(b) During the core Flat racing period up to three Sunday fixtures to be Criteria.

(c) On 13 May, 3 June and 9 September 2023, four fixtures will be funded at 100% and the remaining fixtures will receive 50% funding. All fixtures will receive a full Raceday Services Grant (RSG).

(d) 1 January until the Flat Jockeys break in March (19 March), and from the Flat Jockey Break in November (26 November) until 31 December only, two afternoon fixtures on Monday and Tuesday to be Criteria.

(e) An exception to this criteria is Friday 20 October where 4 afternoon fixtures will be programmed and all receive full funding.


(f) From the start of the core summer racing period on 21 April to the end of that same period on 8 September, up to two Evening fixtures Monday to Saturday to be Criteria.

(g) For Fridays only, between 2 June and 31 August inclusive, up to three fixtures to be Criteria.

(h) Funding will be made available for one Sunday evening fixture.


(i) Up to one Floodlit Fixture from 11 September to 20 April, every day, including Sundays.

(j) An exception to this criteria is Saturday 9 December where two floodlit criteria slots are available. This is to accommodate a floodlit fixture move from Saturday 2nd December which has been cleared to extend the flat break and support participant welfare. 

Christmas Period

(k) Funding for normal Criteria slots as above is available up to and including 23 December

(l) 26: See Bank Holiday below

(m) 27: Three afternoon fixtures and one floodlit

(n) 28 - 31: Two afternoon fixtures and one Floodlit, on all days other than Saturdays, when up to three fixtures and one Floodlit will be Criteria. The Challow Hurdle fixture at Newbury, unlike other fixtures in this period, is not always staged on the same date. If the fixture does not take place on a Saturday, it will be considered a criteria fixture along with the other afternoon fixtures already in place on that day.

Bank Holidays

(o) Up to four fixtures will be funded at 100% and the remaining fixtures will receive 50% funding. All fixtures will receive a full RSG. New Years’ Day is recognised as a Bank Holiday for funding purposes in 2023.

Cheltenham Festival Week

(p) Tuesday-Thursday: Two afternoon fixtures and two floodlit fixtures to be Criteria

(q) Friday: Three afternoon fixtures and two floodlit fixture to be Criteria.


Core Flat Racing Period – From the Friday of the Craven (21st April) to the Friday of the Haydock Sprint Cup (8 September).

Floodlit Fixture – An evening fixture outside the core Flat Racing period

Evening Fixture – An evening fixture during the core Flat Racing period



Last Updated: 18 October 2023